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Bring New Life to Your Home or Office

When you are renovating, it can be tough to find the just right furniture, upholstery, decor and draperies to complete your vision. Are you thinking about hiring interior designers in Dubai to help you make the home of your dreams?


Doesn’t matter you are shifting into a new place, renovating an existing room, or just cannot find the suitable curtains to go with your new coverlet, you can advantage from specialist advice. Most of the expert designers are qualified to recognize and execute different type of design plans. Though you have got settled most of your decor, a professional can offer a fresh view point, providing ideas you have never planned of and solutions for any residual problem pieces. In case still you are on the limit, think about some reasons why a professional should be part of your refurbishing team.




You could suppose that hiring interior designers in Dubai will be costly. Actually, you are more possible to come in at or under resources when hiring a professional, for different reasons. At start, a designer can have proficient connections or insider information that will let her to pay far less on things than you would in case you bought them manually at a local furniture or fabric store. Next, by offering the job to an expert, you are keeping away from the potentially expensive mistakes that can effect from a DIY task. And last, it is in the best interest of designer, as your paid service provider, to follow the resources you set out. In case you are doing your own beautification, you could be attracted to splurge on some parts-and those splurges can add together quickly.


Skill and Knowledge


An experienced designer will look at your area from a design point of view, thinking about all elements together with light, line, texture, color, pattern and shape to make the most aesthetically pleasant arrangement. While you could look at an area and impulsively feel as however the table is in the incorrect place, an expert will be capable to settle on where it must go and how some other parts in the room must move to contain the change. Likewise, in case you just cannot find the right draperies of window to balance both your upholstered sofa and your carpet, a designer would be capable to give you a variety of choices and explain what each could do for your area.




Using the services of interior designer does not mean offering complete control of your home’s appearance. In contrast, the professional is there to carry your life’s vision. Later than an initial session, he will scour manufacturers and stores in the nearby area to find materials and items that he supposes are best for your aesthetic and space. Not definite what your individual style really is? An expert can ask you specific questions which will instruct you toward a finished space which suits you completely. Some experts even do upholstery task and build things like pillows, slipcovers, furniture and drapes, themselves that indicates you are not just receiving exactly what you wish, but even a unique piece!


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5 Tips to Choose a Hotel’s Window Designs

Not all hotel guests book rooms to just slip into the bed for the night hours. A large number of travellers rent accommodations to find peace away from home. They rate comfort at the top of their priority list. Despite the state-of-the-art facilities in your hotel such as spa, recreational space and gym with the latest equipment, such guests spend most of their time inside the rooms.



Though you might have spent a fortune in modern art, show pieces, paintings, inept door and window designs can ruin your hotel interior. If you are running short on budget, you might think of cutting back on the designer.


Here are some tips on choosing a window design according to the hotel interior design companies in Dubai -


1. Consider the Architecture - The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while opting for a window blueprint is the overall architecture of your hotel. Are you remodelling a vintage villa into a hotel? Has your contractor implied the latest trends to create ultra-modern premises? Based on the style of building -  contemporary or traditional decide the designs of the windows. Check out the top 10 interior design companies in Dubai for architectural planning. 


2. Purpose - Are are windows for letting the light in? Enjoying the tranquil seaview? Or for the mere purpose of decoration? The type of window to be installed in the opening depends on its function in the room. The sliding windows act as both doorways and windows. So, you can’t show all your creativity here. A solar tube can be used for adding more brightness in rooms which remain dark even with the windows open. If you need assistance in fittings and fixtures we recommend you to head straight to the top 10 interior design companies in Dubai.


3. Frames and Mullions - While you might be worried about the wall colours, the other elements in the building are equally important. A plain boring wall can be transformed into art with classy frames. Look for frames that completely contrasts with the central colour of the building. If the hotel exterior has more than two colours, you can also choose a frame that blends with the walls. Painting the mullions with Dulux paints is imperative. 


4. Frames - To highlight the window planes, accent colours around the border are the best choice. If you don’t have an idea of which colour to choose notice your neighbourhood. For frame inspiration, you can look into hotel interior design companies in Dubai.


5. Ventilation -  The amount of air and natural light that enters a space depend on the construction of the hotel and the direction of sunlight. People will be delighted to notice the sun rising and setting from their room. Remember they are on a vacation and might want to stay in bed for longer. Operable windows give them the luxury of controlling air and sun entering their room. In the bathroom, the windows shouldn’t align with the standing people outside. 


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Source: http://s3tkoncepts.eklablog.com/5-tips-to-choose-a-hotel-s-window-designs-a165609134

3 Handy Tips to Design an Office of Your Dreams

Today making an office a comfortable space to work is the bare minimum an employer can do when designing the premises. Employee’s ease is not the only factor that affects the growth of your business. A smart office layout can instantly catch the fancy of the visitors and create a killer impression on them. To establish your company as one of the best in town the interiors matter. In fact, the look of your premises is a part of branding. Eye-catching office images can be used on the pamphlets, notebook covers and other stationery you provide the employees or gift the clients. It also improves your company’s profile on social media.


We all are well-aware of Facebook and Google’s minimalist office design. Once you take an inside look of their headquarters, you’ll not only be amazed but also drool over the authentic photos. They have a perfect mix of art, quirkiness, and purpose.

Here are some pointers to ensure you get your dream office design without breaking the bank -

1. Casual Settings - Offices are no longer a boring place, where the employees work only to receive a paycheck at the end of the month. Making their time enjoyable is the prime focus of employers. Creating an environment that motivates people to actively take action is a necessity. An office fit out solution in Dubai can provide you with a design that is both cosy and maintains the corporate environment in your premises.

2. Workflow - You can boost the productivity of workers by providing a space that aligns with the workflow. In a content marketing firm, the publishers should sit alongside the writer to coordinate when he finds any glitches. On the other hand, sitting next to the web developer isn’t required here. The offices are becoming more and more transparent these days. The employees prefer to work in open-space instead of being blocked in a small section by cubicles. Open office area however not suited for people who need privacy and fewer distractions. Thus, an office that combines both an open area along with closed spaces is the right choice. Look at the portfolio of an office fit out solution in Dubai for inspirations and ideas.


Also read: 5 Different Styles of Curtains for Your Stunning Living Room

3. Theme - It is a common mistake amongst the new office owners to buy decor items without any pre-planning. Even if you are Dying your interiors, you must first pick a theme. It can be simply done by choosing a few colours and sticking to them. Blue, white and an accent hue work the best for office designs. The colour you choose also depends on the industry your workplace belongs to and the company’s logo. Once you decide the colour scheme for the wall, the furniture and fittings come next. The office fit out Dubia provide a complete interior solution to the office of every size. The professionals have worked on every type of project from mini-sized business to large offices. Hiring an office fit out Dubai also gives you design as per the current trends in interiors.


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How to Design a Calm and Fun Space for Kids?


Designing a home can be the most wonderful and adventurous journey. You get the chance to turn a place surrounded with walls into a home where people feel secure, comfortable and happy. However, while working on a designing project, one hurdle that most interior design companies in Dubai face is creating a cosy and impressive kids room. We all know how moody and stubborn children can get. You can have a hard time pleasing them and giving them what they want. So, we have come up with a few basic tips that might assist you with this struggle:

Add graphics

Graphics add colours and excitement to the room which intrigues kids and boosts their imagination. You can select different graphics, wallpapers or simply paint the designs with a brush, depending on your budget. Try to get creative with the designs and come up with something unique and attractive as kids are difficult to please. You can give a specific setting to the room keeping the taste and preference of your clients in mind. Make sure that it has a cheerful and fun theme, including the child’s favorite cartoons and motifs but not that they are bored of within a year or two.

Colour it up

According to a survey done with top 10 interior design companies in Dubai, neutral colours are most successful when it comes to designing kids room. As kids grow, their taste and preferences change and repainting the rooms every time can be a hassle. Neutral shades are timeless and long-lasting and are preferred by the kids of all age. However, you can also go for bright and peppy colours to give the space a youthful look. The walls, floors, rugs, bedspreads should be brightened up which also keep the mood light and pleasing.

Use toys as decoratives

You are designing for a kid who loves to play with toys and want to be surrounded by his favourite things. You cannot use those sophisticated and delicate showpieces to decorate the room. It will be a waste of time, money and effort. So, the best solution is to use the toys to fill the shelves and decorate it. When a child sees his belongings and things that he likes in his room, it obviously gives him a sense of belonging and he tends to become more responsible for his toys.

Get smart with storage

Another point that we would like to share with interior design companies in Dubai is to get creative with storage. There is no denying the fact that kids have a lot to store, including toys, books, clothes, shoes, and whatnot. You cannot fill their room with cupboards and cabinets. It has to be spacious where they can move freely. So, show your creativity and make the space appealing by using sleek and movable storage carts. You can also use chests and baskets or place beds with shelves and drawers where you can keep the toys and books. This will not only make the space clutter-free but will also save money.

Add symmetry

We know that no symmetry can make the rooms fun and interesting, especially when we talk about kids room. However, symmetry can be a funny element if used wisely and smartly. It eliminated distractions and make it easy to interpret things. It also pulls everything together, making it calm and quiet. Even when the room is too messy or chaotic, it will feel pleasing and less messy.

These were some important points that we concluded after studying and interacting with top 10 interior design companies in Dubai. Hopefully, they will guide you through your coming projects and you will deliver a successful work to your clients.


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3 Tips to Help You Design Your Dream Library at Home

As we grow and get wiser with time, we understand that investment made in books will help us get better and brighter than anything else. That’s why the book lover in us fantasizes more over getting a nice, cozy, and personal library at home then a bedroom. But not all of us are fortunate enough to own a house like Biltmore Estate in Asheville, and neither have the funds to build and design as grand of a library that the mansion houses. That certainly doesn't mean we can’t have a reading corner of our own, that could harbor all are leisure delights at once, and provide us the silence and surroundings to have some reading time of our own.

Interior fit out companies in Dubai are getting more and orders nowadays, asking them to build a library for spaces of all shapes and sizes. As these spaces of study are highly personal, their design becomes a function of our taste. That means there is “No size fits all” kind of thing when building a library at your home. Keeping that in mind, we have prepared a list of tips that will help you design a library at your place to suit your signature and style.

1. Work on the Display

Even if you have a million books with you, you can stack them in cartons, and save space and time spent on the library. You can always pull out one and get done with it.

So what’s the difference between keeping books on the shelf and hoarding them together in a box? The display. The joy of seeing your Shakespeare sitting next to Murakami, that seems to depend on Kafka for support is next to nothing. That’s why it’s necessary that you set your bookshelves in a corner that has ample space for the purpose. You can take inspiration from office fit solutions in Dubai, that choose to fix bookshelves inside or near the fun- zone of an office.

2. Get the Lighting Right

“When the night has come, and the land is dark..”, then the Moon can’t be your light in case of your personal library. There is no point in making it dark and sexy, just to get the feel of Sherlock sitting in his library with his mind racing to solve a crime scene. Interior fit out companies in Dubai advise getting nice table LED lamps, as they produce more light and less heat, as compared to old bulb-based lamps. You can also do some of those lifestyle store ascent lightings to make your bookshelves look no less than a celebrity in their own right.

3. Optimise Your Space

You won’t be left with much space once you get those bookshelves in. So plan accordingly. Don’t forget that you have to get at least two chairs, a three-seater couch, and a table to qualify your library for one with the right sitting arrangement.


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3 Factors LifeStyle Stores Fail to Consider when Designing their Interiors

Lifestyle stores are meeting with more and more challenges everyday as online stores continue to steal their customers one click at a time. Ease of shopping, a large number of products and types, free shipping, etc. can be stated as the reasons why brick-and-mortar stores shut down is increasing with every passing day. In-store experience, as retail experts put it, is the only thing standing between stores and their total closure. If curated well, in-store experience can well be the redemption that store owners and managers continue to seek in a market dominated by eCommerce giants. And when it comes to that, nothing can be a better fit than getting the interior design of your store right, according to joinery companies in Dubai. But interior designing for a store is not just about filling its space with heart throbbing designs that entice your customers the moment they step in. Because designs can make your customers happy, but they won’t sell much if they are not practical. Space optimisation is something that many fail to consider when getting done with their interiors. To shed some more light on this subject, let us have a look at 3 factors that many lifestyle stores fail to consider when designing their interiors.


1. Product Placements


Studies show that there is a direct relationship between customers’ mood and the product prices at the display. That’s why it's wise to display products with low prices around the entrance of your store, and expensive ones at the back. With every passing minute, your visitors would become more comfortable with the ambiance of your store, and will soon be ready to make their minds for hefty purchase.


2. Seating Arrangements


Retail fit out Dubai has much been about servicing customers, rather than to make a store look beautiful, which is, of course, priority number two. Your customers took the pain of driving half-way through the city to shop at your store, so now it’s your responsibility to first make them comfortable before you let them go loose on a shopping spree. Not only will it rejuvenate them, but would also hand them a chance to cast their eyes over most of your products, so it's a win-win for both parties with only a small investment.


3. Counter Space


So it’s the time for checkout as your customers are about to leave you, but not before they provide you with another opportunity to make a lasting impact upon them. If you have been a good salesman for most of your customer’s stay, then they definitely would be having enough bags to make them uncomfortable. An optimized counter space would have two characteristics. First, enough space where they can park their bags while they search for their card or cash for payment. And second, some small items put at a display to make some last time sale.


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3 Colour Rules That Every Interior Designer Must Know

Interior designing is a hobby for some while it's their passion for others. There are people who love to design the homes and other spaces and help their friends and family members get their interior right. However, there are also many individuals who earn their living by designing the nooks and corners of different places. Whatever the case may be, the most difficult part is to decide the colours and shades of the interiors right.



People spend days and weeks working and discussing the hues of the walls, sofas, furniture but still fail to reach a conclusion. In fact, leading interior design companies in Dubai also face this challenge while working with clients. So, today we decided to come up with some helpful tips that have been recommended by top 10 interior design companies in Dubai. Take a read:


1. Complementary colours

Let’s start with the simplest scheme which is using contrast colours in interiors. No matter if you are working on a home, office, or hotel, contrast colours are the perfect pick for all the spaces. It includes two shades that are completely opposite to each other. You must have heard of colour wheels, the two colours that are opposite to each other make a contrast combination. The one is dominant while other is an accent, for example, red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange. This scheme ensures extra vibrancy and enhances the designs more. Remember to include neutrals with this scheme to give a rest to your eyes from overwhelming shades.


2. 60-30-10 rule

Every professional interior designer is familiar with this concept and used it most of the times. Irrespective of the look that you want to give or personal taste, this scheme can ensure balance and elegance in your designs. It involves three shades which are used in 60, 30 and 10 per cent. The first is the dominant shade which is your main colour and consumes 60% of the room. You use it on the floor, walls, furniture, curtains and windows. It may not be solid hue but must be prominent and grab attention at once. Next is the secondary colour that represents 30% of the design. It is bolder but never competes for the attention. It must be in contrast with the main shade and create an interesting element along with depth in decor. Last is the shade that is ⅓ of the secondary and ⅙ of the primary. This one is the boldest and covers 10% of the room design. Known as an accent colour, it catches your eye to deeper designs.


3. Warn and cool shades

Although there is no standard definition of warm and cool colour, they are identified by their placement on the colour wheel. These shades have a great influence on the energy of the space that you design and that is why considered significant by credible and authentic interior design companies in Dubai. Warm hues, such as red, orange and yellow are vibrant and add intimacy and liveliness to the rooms. As they are welcoming and upbeat, prefer using them in living, dining rooms or kitchen. Moving on to cool shades, such as blue, green or purple give relaxing and calm down feel to space. They are perfect for bedrooms and offices where you need calm energy. Moreover, you also need to consider the size of rooms while selecting these shades as warm colours in a small space can make it look congested and claustrophobic.


We hope that these tips of top interior design companies in Dubai will be beneficial for you in your future projects. For more tips and trick, stay tuned to us.


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3 Most Acclaimed Interior Designers of World

Studying the works of famous interior designers helps you get a good taste of this very field. Otherwise, the interiors of your home have to rely too much on the whims of the interior fit out companies in Dubai that you have hired of designing and decoration. So let us have a look at the 3 most famous interior designers of their time, that have inspired the world f interior design like no one else.

1. Elsie de Wolfe

The impact of Elsie on the world of interior designing in her time could be judged by the fact that the The New Yorker, the famous American magazine, gave her the credit for inventing interior designing as a profession. Mostly engaged with re-designing and decorating wealthy American and English homes, her style consisted of transforming dark and heavily curtained serious spaces into bright and soft ones. An elite from birth and throughout her career, Elsie derived most of her inspiration from 18th century French and American art, literature, fashion, and theater. A rebel in her own right, she replaced the Victorian way of interior designing, making all spaces she ever worked upon more spacious, lively, and free of clutter. Widely hailed as the first professional interior designer for the fact that she was the first designer to be given commission, Wolfe also published the first book on interior designing titled “The House in Good Taste.”


2. Albert Hadley

Born in 1920, this American interior designer was so well-known for his taste and work in this craft, that his clientele base had likes of ex- American Vice President Albert Gore, ex-CBS President William S. Paley, American fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, etc. He sought inspiration from both Victorian and Georgian style of interior decoration, making him an apt figure of inspiration to many modern fit out solutions in Dubai. Albert. At the time of his Zenith, Hadley was the go-to option for wealthy and fashion loving American families. The decorator later assisted and worked with Sister Parish, a partnership that later formed Parish-Hadley Associates, an interior design firm that gave an opportunity to many budding designers of that time.

3. Dorothy Draper


Known for starting the “first interior design business”, Draper was an American interior designer who is known for designing the “The Greenbrier” Hotel in West Virginia. Born in an aristocratic family of New York, she always had ties with the big families of her Nation. Known for her anti-minimalist style of decoration, Draper would use dynamic color schemes and designs to bring out the best of living space. She had a liking for adding modern flair to traditional styles of decorations. Her style and designs were so in line with the taste of hotel owners, that she went on to decorate hotels like Sherry-Netherland, Carlyle Hotel, Hampshire House apartment hotel, etc.


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3 Economical Ways to Renovate Dull-looking Hotel Room Interiors

Suppose, you are planning a getaway to Dubai, you have booked the air tickets, however, the accommodation arrangements are yet to be made. So, what would you do to find prime-quality accommodation? Probably, conduct a hotel search on the internet. Isn’t it? While doing the search, there are mostly two things that a traveller looks for, comfort and luxury. Any hotel that promises the benefits of both worlds, price and quality will be the traveller’s first choice. Many times, hoteliers avoid transforming the traditional interiors into a fascinating one mainly because of the investment involved. However, giving that perfect attractive look to the hotel rooms does not always ask for high costs. There is always a cheaper way of doing things that one is not aware of.

Here, we have compiled a list of economical ways that will help you to change the hotel room interior in a more fashionable and modern manner:


Consider Linens: After a long journey, every traveller looks forward to resting time. The quality of linens used in bedrooms can clearly define the quality of hotel services that you offer. Replace the old blankets with fresh and prominent colour palettes. If you are working on a tighter budget, settle with neutral shades, or white duvets. White is a safe colour that illuminates the room. Never be afraid to go an extra step in taking care of your guests.

Reorganize the Room Layout: Many hoteliers are least bothered to add a touch of modernity to the old room layouts. However, this is not the right approach. What attracts the lodgers is always a well-arranged furniture set-up across the room. The moment a guest enters the stay room, he must feel welcomed. Instead of clubbing all furniture in all corner, spread them out, give the room a spacious look. Putting contrasting pieces of furniture against each other is another creative idea. In case, you get stuck at any stage, connect with hotel interior design companies in Dubai or interior design companies in Dubai.


Opt for Modern-Styled Furniture: There is a traditional concept that majority of hotels stick by, a bed, a chair/a couch, a desk, and two nightstands. Generally, a guest checks-in to seek comfort and peace from travel or work. If a hotel is failing to meet he guests’ requirements, then it is failing as a business. It is always better to choose comfort over elegance or fanciness. Designers at the interior design companies in Dubai suggest using naturally manufactured furniture. Also, there is no harm in mixing two different shades or styles together. Place chairs that exhibit a right mix of functionality and fascination.


Aren’t these great ways to renovate the old-style hotel rooms? Do you have any other idea? Tell us in the comment box. For any assistance or query, feel free to connect with our experts from hotel interior design companies in Dubai.


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How to Choose a Retail fitter For Your Store?

Have you brought a shop for your retail startup? Good Going! Your next step is probably arranging the fixtures and fittings. Whether it’s refurbishing an old space or starting from scratch, a good retail fitter can give new life to your outlet.

Choosing the right retail fit out Dubai is your key to design a store that’s customer-friendly. Here are some tips to help you find the best retail fitter for your business endeavor -


1.Look at the Fitter’s Portfolio - A company that offers a high-quality fit-out will have knowledge of the latest trends. Looking at the portfolio you can analyze their previous work. If the company has worked on a project similar to yours, the partnership will absolutely be fruitful. Another important point is to ask if they provide bespoke development. The retail fit out Dubai specialized in drafting solutions from the client’s insight.


2. Understand Your Brand Values - It’s crucial for the retail fitter to analyze your business goals as it can differ according to the niche. For example - A baby clothing owner will need see-through sections to make it easier for the consumers to find the products. On the other hand, a sanitary store owner will focus more on the durable of the fit out instead of their structure and design.


3.Communication Style - People who partner without having a proper discussion find afterward their ideas haven’t transferred properly. The retail fitter is worth the pay only when he/ she can explain you the strategy. Also, if they don’t have a constant channel to address your problems, it’s better to back off.


4.Ask For the Layout - Once you have finalized a retail fit out a solution in Dubai, based on your description ask them to create a layout. It will roughly give you an idea of the fixture and fitting designs. You can make endless changes in the rough draft to get what you exactly need.


5. Lightning - A well-planned light work will save the power consumption and also help in a better shopping experience to the consumers. Hiring a professional retail fit out a solution in Dubai is a must.


6. Branding and Identity- Integrating the message you want to convey to your consumers about your brand with the fit-out. A retail fit out solution can efficiently translate the purpose and vision of your store into your store interior


7. Accreditation -Blindly trusting any company for their words is a big no. You might get a fit-out for a lower price that looks ideal, soon to find the early wear and tear. There are a number of government authorities agencies providing accreditation for following standards.

An accreditation guarantees their work is approved by the industry experts can stand the test of time.


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3 DIY Apartment Renovation Tips that are Effective and Economical

Renovating an apartment is not an easy task if attempted by oneself. Not only you are then in-charge for planning all the creative aspects of renovation, but you also have to carry on with all the laborious activities alone without getting help from a professional. Cost is also a factor why anyone wishes to take DIY for his or her living. Fit-out solutions in Dubai say that although it is advised that you ask a renovation expert when it comes to this humongous task, one can certainly do it all by themselves it if it’s planned well. So let us have a look at 3 effective tips that will help you do your apartment’s makeover, if renovating it is your new DIY big project.


1. Mind Your Doors First

Doors help you make your first impression. So it’s a no brainer that you have to think something for them first. As replacing your doors is not the same as replacing your old table-cloth, it’s important you take some pretty serious economical decision with them. There are two-three things you could do to make your old door look brand new. First, you can definitely paint them. But be careful about the choice of your color. They should go with the walls, ceiling, and overall look of your space. The second choice that you have with your doors is to change their knobs or handles, and replace them with cooler or classier ones. According to the top 10 interior design companies in Dubai, there is also a third option, albeit a costly one, which is to get a new ply-board for the top surface of your doors.

2. Choose the Right Colors

This will be the core of your whole DIY renovation. Not as easy at it seems, you surely will be in a need of two-three of your friends to help you choose the right colors. That’s why you need to have a goal in mind. Do you want to give a light look to your apartment by painting it white? Or do you want to make it all spunky and hip by doing some action painting? Consider your ceiling, furniture, and floorwork before you buy any shade of wall paint.

3. Make Craft Work for Your Indoors

We all have done something crafty at some point in our lives. Maybe a rug made of multi-use netting and rubber bands, or a table lamp made of velvet sheet and sparkle paint. It’s time you put them, and your craft skills, to use. Start with your mirrors. If they don't already have any serious handwork them for their framework, then try decorating the boundaries with something of your own. Similarly, get creative with your pillow covers, cabinets, coffee tables, and anything you can avoid to decorate; or spoil. You can search for fit-out solutions in Dubai and visit their website for other amazing DIY, or professional, renovation idea.


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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Office Interiors

Studies conducted by many experts have shown that office interiors have a direct correlation with the performance of employees. But more often than not, employers show blatant disregard to such studies, ending up with low to no rise in employees’ productivity. According to experts at top fit out companies in Dubai, there are many employers who do acknowledge such relationship but still end up with the same results as employers who do nothing. And that’s all because of some trivial mistakes which they commit unknowingly.


Though interior designing is not for everyone, you can certainly make sure that some interior designing mistakes are avoided that could hamper the output you wish to achieve with your workplace’s designing or redesigning. So let us have a look at top 3 mistakes, as advised by top office fit out solutions in Dubai, that offices often do, and you should avoid if you wish to make your employees happy.


1. Not Paying Enough Attention to Colors

Colors have their meaning and impact. No two colors have the same effect on the mind of an observer, and can affect them in both positive or negative ways. For example, Green rooms have green because they help performers and artists relax. The mistake that most make when choosing a color for office is that they simply choose to stick with whites or blacks. That might work with many of the conventional workspaces, but for a workplace which deals in creativity certainly needs to be painted with more playful and light colors.


2. positioning of Lights

In today’s world of IT, employees have to work on their PCs for an extended period of time, ranging anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a day. And that’s being modest. Top fit out companies in Dubai say that a poorly designed lighting plan could result in eye strains, which could lead to the muscular degeneration. The biggest mistake that many make here is that they just fill their workspace with a number of CFLs and LEDs, which, when powered up together, could lead to a quarrel among employees. That’s because the cumulative effect produced is good for neither of employees, leaving them with red eyes and headaches at the end. That’s why it’s better to first assess the impact of each light individually, and then by performing a “glow” test by taking them in multiple combinations.


3. Not Designing for Sounds

It is not easy to work in a noisy workplace. No one can pull that off unless they are stocked in a personal cabin of their own that’s soundproof. You need to give your employees an environment in which they could listen to their thoughts freely. Top office fit out solutions in Dubai advise that though a quiet workplace is important, the discipline or design to achieve “Pin drop silence” should definitely be avoided. Studies have shown that a little noise (think of coffee house) could prove to be of help when trying to get the best out of your employees.


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How working With The Best Joinery Company in Dubai Gave me a New Perspective

Starting a business in Dubai is easy. From getting permits to owning an office space, everything is as smooth as butter. But what’s tough in Dubai is to come up with out-of-the-box interior design options for new office space. Given the work that has been done in context with the city’s architecture, making a mark on clients becomes even more difficult, and necessary at the same time. My friends advised me on searching for top 10 interior design companies in Dubai to help me come up with something for my office’s interiors. But no matter how I searched, and what channel I used, the only name that came on top every time I enquired about the best joinery companies in Dubai was S3TKConcepts.



At the start, I was a little sceptical. I wasn’t sure that whether the company would be able to come up with something that will fit my style and taste. Whether their millions of designs would resonate with my brand’s core values. Whether their years of experience would fall in line with the trust that my brand had built over the period of time. But I must admit. I was wrong. As soon as the team S3TKoncepts came on-board, I knew that why are they ranked as the top 10 interior design companies in Dubai. Soon their design options took every inch of my coffee table’s top. There were more designs than I have ever heard of. The experienced team individuals occurred to me as brimming with passion and ideas for this new project. And yet their enthusiasm was for interior designing was like that of a designing intern who has picked up his colour pencil for the first time in his life.


Their joinery solutions covered wooden flooring, fire rated doors, wooden wall cladding, reception counters, and many more than I could write or describe here. I think that having such a plethora of options to choose from, with the ultimate expertise, and such experience is what any interior designing company would need to become one of the best joinery companies in Dubai.


Soon the entire building floor went from being a white and boring office space, to a style statement of a lifestyle brand, radiating with the ethos of what my team and I have always worked and dreamed of. Before that point of time in our lives, we had been always on the receiving end of appreciation from our customers for creating something which holds a lot of value for them. But for the first time, we knew what it felt when someone creates and delivers something to you that falls in the line of your beliefs. Thank you S3TKoncepts for letting us experience the emotions that a customer goes through when presented with world class services.

Design Your Dream Office with Customized Furniture

Most of us have two big dreams. First, to have a home that we have bought with our earnings and second, to own an office where we are our own boss, doing what we love the most. Of course, there is no properly defined path to achieve these two goals and one has to spare no efforts to turn these dreams into reality. This becomes even more challenging when you start your own business from the ground up without any support. In such a scenario, you want to leave no stone unturned and put your best foot forward in everything that you do to avoid failure. When you rent or buy a new office to establish your own company, you want to design it yourself, giving a personal touch to every nook and corner. And why that shouldn’t be? Owning your own office is certainly a big step in your life and you wish to make most of it. For this, you look for reliable office furniture suppliers in Dubai who can help you get the best designs for your workplace. Of course, you can find the best and exclusive designs in the market but the one that we would suggest you will be customized fixtures.

You can come across an array of craftsmen and designers providing customized office furniture in Dubai, but make sure you pick the option that is authentic and credible. While designing your dream office, there are certain things that you need to take care of to get the best results. Make sure that you make it look spacious rather than congested and small. Use the space properly and place furniture with proper gaps in between. Moreover, ensure lively colors to give your office a lively and pleasing look and not boring and dull.


Another important point to remember is to pick comfortable chairs for your staff. Your employees will be sitting on those chairs for 7-9 hours and it is essential to consider their comfort and physical health for an employer that is you. When you opt for customized furniture, you get the chance to ascertain various points rather than settling for something less and unsatisfactory. You can select the color, material, designs, patterns, and whatnots with your specially ordered fixtures. Explore the internet and discover leading office furniture suppliers in Dubai who can deliver you the office furnishings as per your requirements and necessity.


We, at S3T Koncepts, are known for our finely carved customized office furniture in Dubai. Our expert craftsmen and artisans are proficient at designing antique and modern fixtures that you can proudly show off to your professional partners and friends. Get in touch with us now, mention your specifications, and we assure you that you will get what you have asked for.


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Got a New Home? Invest in Joinery Services And Witness Alluring Tesidential Transformation

You have a lot of thoughts and ideas in your head for your new home in Dubai? Everyone in fact for that matter dreams to make the most for making their homes look just great. But the question is how well will you be able to execute those ideas in reality. Try and get in touch with the joinery works in Dubai. These service providers utilize each and every type of space and bring out the beauty which you thought was never possible. It has more to deal with customizing the dream home that you have manifested through hard work. Joinery services are meant to match and measure all the aspects of space (be it an office, residence or a cafe) to give a complete and neat look to it.

Let us just look at all the benefits that you will be getting from the joinery companies in Dubai.


There are several ways through which you can improve the setting and environment of your home. The beautifully done wooden features will definitely put a huge difference in the overall appearance of your home. You can communicate with the service providers and can express exactly how big/small/broad/slim you want your furniture to be. Hence, you can get the exact measurement you demand. Joineries are independent in nature and they have a sound life span.


If there is any small part of your bedroom or kitchen or dining hall or living space that you wish you could improve, then you must get in touch with the joinery service providers. They will easily replace the outdated look with fresh and interesting ones. Creating individual spaces like drawers, cabinets and more are now effortlessly possible through the joinery works in Dubai.


Modern and functional home space is a dream of every resident. Through the effective services of joinery, you just do not have to have to leave out any empty spaces just because you are clueless. The service providers will logically fill up the empty spaces so that it serves the best of purpose to you.


Once you will communicate about your thoughts and ideas to the joinery service providers, you will be able to witness that exclusively they have executed your desires in the form of their services. Along with this, the overall processes of installing fresh joineries will not even eat up much time.


Preserving the real essence of your home, your joinery service providers will provide you with unique designs, high-quality materials, and unseen styles that will make your home blossom with all its might. It might sound dreamy and less practical, but once all the joineries will be installed, you will be able to notice the ‘before and after’ for your home.


Invest in the joinery works in Dubai and get ready to feel the delight of ‘beautiful living’.


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Guidelines to Maintain your Wooden Furniture


Wooden furniture is extremely amazing and natural wood considered best for furniture. It is gaining a lot of popularity as it is extremely durable and wooden furniture usually comes in three main categories which are known as rustic, modern and traditional. There are several benefits of wooden furniture as it can last a lifetime. It looks visually appealing and it plays an important role in creating a pleasant atmosphere in your home and office. Choose the best wooden door company in Dubai as it has become one of the most popular choices for the homeowners. They are exceptionally strong and they can also give an amazing look.

It is important to understand that wooden furniture is prone to damages so make sure that you buy the quality wooden furniture. Indian wooden furniture often suffers from broken or chipped sections. It is necessary for you to take care of your furniture because one's it damaged it would be a very difficult task to repair the damaged wooden furniture. You can buy the best wooden furniture in Dubai. We provide you with certain tips which can be extremely helpful for you to restore your wooden furniture. These are some important tips which can be beneficial to treat your wooden furniture:


  • There are numerous methods which can help you to treat your wooden furniture. Earlier people tend to use natural oils for the cleaning and conditioning of the wooden furniture but nowadays you can get amazing chemical wood furniture and cleaners which are available in the market at an affordable price. It is one of the best ways to treat your wooden furniture.


  • Furniture stains are used to treat the wooden furniture which will help you enhance its natural color. Wood grains absorb the stains and always remember that if you apply a further coat of stain it could even change the appearance of your wooden furniture.


  • It is said that an insect proof and waterproof varnish can be extremely helpful to maintain your wooden furniture. It is considered an ideal method to treat wooden furniture. Make sure that you do not place your wooden furniture near the heating vents as it can cause the wood to dry.


  • Paints are considered as the best ways of sealing the wood after the veneer. Remember to apply an enamel based latex paint on the surface of the wooden furniture so the paint can look amazing and smooth. Wooden doors company in Dubai tend to provide the best services to treat the damaged wood.

These are some of the important things that you must know to take care of your wooden furniture. There are several benefits of wooden furniture as it has the ability to bring a luxurious and rich feeling into a home. You can buy amazing wooden furniture in Dubai according to your personal taste and comfort.


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