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3 Factors LifeStyle Stores Fail to Consider when Designing their Interiors

Lifestyle stores are meeting with more and more challenges everyday as online stores continue to steal their customers one click at a time. Ease of shopping, a large number of products and types, free shipping, etc. can be stated as the reasons why brick-and-mortar stores shut down is increasing with every passing day. In-store experience, as retail experts put it, is the only thing standing between stores and their total closure. If curated well, in-store experience can well be the redemption that store owners and managers continue to seek in a market dominated by eCommerce giants. And when it comes to that, nothing can be a better fit than getting the interior design of your store right, according to joinery companies in Dubai. But interior designing for a store is not just about filling its space with heart throbbing designs that entice your customers the moment they step in. Because designs can make your customers happy, but they won’t sell much if they are not practical. Space optimisation is something that many fail to consider when getting done with their interiors. To shed some more light on this subject, let us have a look at 3 factors that many lifestyle stores fail to consider when designing their interiors.


1. Product Placements


Studies show that there is a direct relationship between customers’ mood and the product prices at the display. That’s why it's wise to display products with low prices around the entrance of your store, and expensive ones at the back. With every passing minute, your visitors would become more comfortable with the ambiance of your store, and will soon be ready to make their minds for hefty purchase.


2. Seating Arrangements


Retail fit out Dubai has much been about servicing customers, rather than to make a store look beautiful, which is, of course, priority number two. Your customers took the pain of driving half-way through the city to shop at your store, so now it’s your responsibility to first make them comfortable before you let them go loose on a shopping spree. Not only will it rejuvenate them, but would also hand them a chance to cast their eyes over most of your products, so it's a win-win for both parties with only a small investment.


3. Counter Space


So it’s the time for checkout as your customers are about to leave you, but not before they provide you with another opportunity to make a lasting impact upon them. If you have been a good salesman for most of your customer’s stay, then they definitely would be having enough bags to make them uncomfortable. An optimized counter space would have two characteristics. First, enough space where they can park their bags while they search for their card or cash for payment. And second, some small items put at a display to make some last time sale.


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