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What Kind Of Interior Design Colours Should Be Avoided In Office Fitouts?

Colour play a very important role in making any place good or worse. Be it office or house, colour has a huge experience to offer. Expert from office fit out solution in Dubai suggest choosing right colour scheme means setting the right tone for your organization to work and impress the client in their first glimpse. It is better to stay away from trendy colours as they have low shelf life and go very easily. You should have durability in your colour selection for better use.

Here’s some colour you should avoid using in your office fitouts

These are colours which should avoid using in office refurbishment especially for using them as block colour. These can be used as an accent colour but never good for interior design ideas.

These colours include:

White: White as a colour looks very clinical and does not bring much of productivity especially when you have fluorescent colour light around. Too much white usage can becomes really overwhelming for a office fitout. This kind of colour would foster isolation, detachment and disinterest.
Dark Grey: This kind of colour lacks energy and suppress the creativity as well. This kind of colour would bring sleepiness and depression. If you want to use grey colour in your office use it sparingly on certain furnishing and accessories with some bright colours for minimizing the effect.
Yellow: Yellow is the colour which tend to uplift the mood and give a very warm and happy feeling, however, using too much of yellow can bring the result other way round. Too much bright yellow can bring anger, irritation and frustration within the office premises making people distracted.
Red: For a good stimulation within your employees and for a detailed version, you can’t lose the charm of fire engine red. Apart from spreading energy, the colour can also induce unrest and argument within the office. To avoid such as condition, it is better to avoid using too much of this colour and use it as pop in certain areas.
Lime green: Lime green is a trendy and exciting colour, best used for creative environment as it bounces lot of energy within any space. In terms of office refurbishment, this colour can prove to be really distracting, decreases productivity and also efficiency. For accessories this colour is energetic for creative office space.

Purple: When it comes to purple colour people have mixed expression. For a creative office space, purple colour should be avoided in the interior. It tend to bring that romantic feeling causing degradation in productivity.

The colours that you should embrace in your office fitout includes:

Professionals from interior fit out solution in Dubai suggest that for block walls you can go ahead with colours like white, greys and pastels and mix them colour pops which are mentioned above.


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However, while using the problematic colour keep a check on the quantity used. Consider using light blue for energy and creativity, peach for comfort and freshness or greys for reliability with combination of pop up colours.

This was a quick insight over the usage of ideal colours in office fitout.